Fall In Love With Popagami This Valentine's Day!

Huff and puff all you want into the month of February, but here's hoping that at least on one day of the year, dedicated to all forms of love, that most of us are at the very least receiving a gift from our valentine on you guessed it, yes, Valentine’s Day…

Popagmi Valentines Gift

If you’ve been with your significant other for a long period of time and flowers and chocolates don’t quite cut it anymore, or whether it’s the first valentine’s you’ll be spending together as a couple, it’s a good time to branch out and try something new with a little touch of creativity!

Popagami is the romantic magic you have been looking for!

Together, you can fold and colour until your heart's content, with your little handmade critters being a token of shared quality time spent as a couple.

Popagami is the perfect Valentine’s gift idea for the perfect occasion - who says romance is dead? Each of our packs enables you to create love and fun in each character.

Use pencils, crayons, craft pens or whichever you see fit to decorate and personalise your origami critters before you start folding and bringing your designs to life - we promise it’s endless fun for all ages!

You can even enclose a special loving message inside, perfectly describing how you feel about them in a romantic gesture!

These personalised romance ideas are bound to impress – after all, the more personal the gift, the more they’ll treasure it.

All our Popagami craft kits are made from recycled paper and card, as well as being incredibly affordable. Don’t miss out on the power of Popagami - we aim to bring you together doing something you love!

So make sure that's the case for your loved one and think outside the box. If you would like to try popagami for yourself, please go to the shop pageon our website.

We hope you enjoy our craft packs as much as we did making them for you. Keep visiting our storefront for new additions to the range as well as our speciality packs and other excellent Popagami offers and order yours before Valentine’s Day arrives!