Featured on BBC Dragons Den

Since being featured on Dragons’ Den (Episode 8) in October 2012 Popagami is now a household name with growing UK and international sales. Regularly featured in the press including The Independent ‘Radar Magazine’ lists The World of Popagami as one of ‘The 50 Best Books for Christmas’

Popagami innovative family crafts, fun, and educational origami characters that can be used for greeting cards, gift containers, and as finger puppets.

Popagami was established in 2008 in the heart of West Sussex, designing and applying character faces to a traditional Japanese 3D origami animal design. Our aim was to bring joy to children and adults of all ages with these cute and fun little characters which can be easily folded and popped to life for hours of play.

Try filling them with sweets and messages or making them into garlands and finger puppets. Our little origami animals are available in a variety of ranges including Jungle, Safari, Fairytale, Farm and Endangered Species. All our craft packs are sent out flat, in beautiful recycled-card boxes, with instructions on how to fold and are printed in black and white to be coloured-in before being constructed.

We hope you enjoy our craft packs as much as we did making them for you. Keep visiting our storefront for new additions to the range as well as our speciality seasonal and character pack and other offers.

The Pop-Ettes TM is a collection of innovative and fun origami animal characters that can be used for greeting cards, gift containers, finger puppets & much more!